Case Study

Power Yachts: Branding & Merchandise

Apr 26, 2024 | Case Studies

The Brief

Power Yachts Australia embarked on a journey to introduce the finest yachts to the Australian market with a new business launch. Seeking a smart and professional branding solution, they aimed to establish a strong presence in style.

Power Yachts Australia - Graphic Design
Power Yachts Australia - Branding

The Solution

Through in-depth discussions with Matt from Power Yachts Australia, we conducted a comprehensive discovery phase. This led to the creation of a compelling visual identity for the brand and identified the need for additional branded materials such as a website, uniform apparel, and promotional merchandise.

The Result

The collaboration resulted in the development of a complete professional brand, characterised by a cohesive and streamlined branding strategy across all digital platforms and promotional products.

Custom Merchandise & Products - Power Yachts