Professional Logo Design

Modern and up to style logo designs for Tradies who want to kick start their professional brand and build trust with their customers and clients.

Featured Tradie Logos

We work alongside some of the most hard working and professional tradies we know! We are based in Tropical North Queensland but continue to style Tradies from all over Australia. Here are just a few of our featured Tradie Logo’s designs.

Why Choose Us to Design Your Logo?

We’re proud of delivering quality and custom logo designs, bringing together your ideas to create a professional brand for all Tradesmen in business.

Look Profesh

Your logo is the first step to creating a professional foundation for your business.

First Impressions

Impress your clients and customers right from the get go. Nail the forefront of your professional brand.

Client Trust

Build the trust you deserve. A professional identity to encourage returning customers. 

Custom Designs

We’ll take your ideas, sketches and inspirations and transform it into a modern logo design.


Your logo is designed by our experienced graphic artists who specialise in quality & premium designs.

All Files, No Worries

We’ll supply the high quality files you need for signage, vehichle wraps, custom shirts and other future marketing projects.

Everything You Need

Our design packages include everything you need for a professional logo including revisions, the correct files & social media files to kick start your online presence. Our team is always an email away if you need help with any files in the future!

Custom Graphic Design

Facebook/Insta Display Pic

3 x Rounds of Amendments

Facebook Cover Photo

High Quality Files

Lifetime Ownership

Editable File

Professional Logo In 4 Simple Steps

We aim to make your Tradie logo design project simple and stress free, leaving all the technical design work up to us and giving you more time on your hands!

1. Quick Form

We’ll get you to fill out a quick form so we can collect useful info that will help us with grasping your design and ideas.

2. Quote & Deposit

We’ll give you a Quote based on the info from your form and collect a 50% deposit to start our project.

3. Design

We’ll supply mock ups for you to give feedback and ask for changes using the Rounds of Amendments included in your package.

4. Finalise

Once you are happy with your design we’ll finalise your logo and send all the files through once the final payment is cleared.

Got no idea on what you want?

We get a lot of Tradies who don’t know what they want for a design. Our Brainstorm Sesh is a great option where we grab your ideas and provide 3 x logo concepts for you to compare, pick and choose or mix and match to get to your final design.

No Idea? No Worries!

Get A Quote

If you have No Idea, Some Idea or Know Exactly What You Want, click the button below to fill our Quote Form to get a Quick Quote for your logo design

Contact Us

Contact us below for any general questions & enquiries. Head to our Frequently Asked Questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

See below frequent questions we get asked on professional logo design projects. If you have any further questions, our team is just a message away.

Do I need a Logo?

We highly recommend having your business logo on your Custom Branded shirts. This is a great way to promote your business everywhere your team goes!

If you have a Logo, we need a High Quality file to ensure high end print. Feel free to send everything you have so we can check for you.

Don’t have a logo? We can help you create a professional business logo with our logo design services!

I have a sketch, can you turn it into a logo?

Yes! If you provide a sketch of your idea, we can turn it into a professional logo.

Can you make changes to my current logo?

Yes. If you supply us the editable file, we can make changes and edits to your logo.

If you do not have an editable file, we can recreate your logo and then apply the changes.

What files will you give me?

The standard files we will supply for every project includes: 

  • Jpeg (low quality, mainly used for online)
  • Png (low quality with transparent background)
  • PDF/EPS (High Quality files for High Quality print)

These are the standard files Tradies will use for websites, social media and printing corflutes, signage etc.

If you need your logo in specific specs, we can prep this file at an extra cost.

Why do I need a Logo?

A business logo is the first and most important step in professionalising your Tradie. It is the forefront and identity of your brand and is what your customers and clients will remember you by. 

A logo shows you are a legitimate, operating professional business and makes you stand out from the others in your industry. 

A logo will also establish self-confidence and be one of your most used design elements in your business for business cards, websites, social media, invoices, emails, merch… the list goes on!

I can just get my design done somewhere else

Yes, you can. There are plenty of websites out there that offer to do logo designs. There’s no doubt about that.

This will come down to what your priorities are. For us, our clients are those who:

  • want to invest long-term in their business
  • want quality work
  • want friendly and good communication on projects
  • is looking for a designer with over 10 years experience and has worked alongside many Tradies (and other businesses)
  • wants more time and less stress
  • wants someone to take care of their graphic design stuff when they need
How long will it take to design my logo?

Depending on our workload, how quick we receive feedback and the complexity of your design, a logo design project can take up to 2-3 weeks.

How does it work?

Step 1. Online Brief

We will first get you to fill out our Online Brief if you haven’t yet done so. This will ask a few questions to get specific on your ideas in mind. It’s important for us to get as much detail as we can to avoid us creating something way out of your interest and to also avoid extra revisions.

Step 2. Quote & Deposit

After going over your brief, this allows us to Quote specific the scope. We’ll provide you a cost & collect 50% deposit to start the project.

Step 3. Design Stage

We will begin designing your logo and send through mockups. You will have Amendments that are included in the package allowing you to provide feedback and changes to get to your finali design.

*Note, amendments includes changes that are kept in scope of the project. If you request changes out of scope or involve a lot more work, we need to consider the extra time.

Step 4. Finalising

Once we reach your final design, we will go ahead and finalise this into the correct files.

Your final files will be sent to you once final payment is cleared.

I have no idea what I want

We get many Tradies who don’t know what they want, that’s what we’re here for! We have ways around this to ensure we create something within your style. 

We usually ask clients to jump online and just scroll through some logo designs. Google & pinterest are great tools for this. Screenshot any designs or ideas that catch your eye and send these through to us. This gives us a good idea of what style you’re into and avoids us creating something completely out of your interest. 

We also have an optional Brainstorm Session, a great add-on for those who: 

  • Don’t know exactly what they want
  • Would like a few designs to choose from
  • Want to compare some design elements against each other

Our brainstorm sesh involves us collecting info from you and then providing you with 3 x Logo concepts based on your ideas. You will be able to compare them, pick your favourite or even mix and match to get to your final logo design.