Custom Fishing Shirts For The Ultimate Outdoor Adventurer

Looking for someone to help you make your own custom Fishing or Adventure shirts? You’re in the right place!

Choose from our Templates or Create Your Own style.

Young Girl Customer with Custom Shirt

Adventure Shirts We’ve Designed

Whether it’s camping, fishing or any other type of outdoor action, you can be repping your professional business in your own adventure style. Our adventure shirts come in Long sleeve, Short sleeve & singlets to suit every occasion.

Custom Designs Based On Your Ideas

Whether you’ve got a clear vision of your custom adventure and fishing shirts, a couple of wild ideas swimming around in your brain, or you’re as lost as a fish in a shoe store, fear not! Our design process is more customizable than a chameleon at a paintball tournament.

We can design from your exact ideas or add some freshness on what you have in mind. Adventure & Outdoors is our fortay and we’re ready to whip up a design to get heads turning and people asking for your number… to put their name down for their own shirt order of course!

Design Library – Templates Ready To Go

Not sure on a design? Don’t have your own photos to work with? Say hello to our Adventure Shirt Templates!

All shirt designs in our Library are available for purchase and you can add your own logo’s or text in our design stage!

Customer Testimonials

The Savvy Squad with professional custom shirts

A+ Car Detailing & Accessories

Highly recommend Beck and her team, we worked with Beck to design some work shirts and also some adventure fishing shirts! Beck was very professional and helpful in getting the shirts designed just the way we wanted. We were also very impressed with the quality of the photos on the shirts and the shirts in general. Thanks Beck, your wonderful at what you do and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

As Green As Garden Centre

Our new work shirts for As Green As Garden Centre were well designed and the colours really stand out, the design was awesome it was great to see they were made in Australia. The team at The Savvy Squad were always there to help, especially when we changed the design a few times. Very professional and friendly service, would highly recommend them.

An Adventure Lover

Designing Adventure Shirts For Tradies

Beck, the owner of The Savvy Squad, not only has a deep passion for design but also has much love for the outdoors. She’s designed many outdoor & fishing shirts with a number of clients, her own hussles and is now offering Adventure Shirt designs as an official Savvy Service!

Catch Beck and her partner Daley on their own YouTube channel – DB Cuts!

Styles for all Outdoor Action

We want to make sure you get the most wear out of your shirts. Our Adventure Shirts come in our three styles to cater for you all types of outdoor activities!

Long Sleeves great for fishing, camping and that extra sun protection.

Short Sleeves perfect for casual wear and if ya don’t dig long sleeves.

Singlets awesome for hot days, sports, outdoor action & gyming!

We’ll catch you Outside, don’t worry bout that!

Check out some of our mean designs with some of our legendary clients who now adventure in their own style!

It’s Quote O’Clock

Contact our Squad today to find our more on Custom Shirts!

What the FAQ?!

See below our most frequently asked questions on Legendary Tradie Shirts and Custom shirts.

What material are your Adventure Shirts?

Quick Dry 100% Polyester material just like your ordinary Fishing Shirt! 

I have a design in mind? Can you create it?

Yes! If you have ideas on a design, we can bring it all to life! Providing us sketches of your idea really helps us grasp your vision.

Can I use my own images?

Yup! We encourage everyone to use their own images to make your shirts even more unique. Keep in mind, images must be High Quality for print. 

Stock images are available to purchase if need. The correct licences must be purchased if you’re planning to resell your shirts.

What are your Design options? How does the Design process work?

We have two options:  

  1. Ready To Go: are design templates that are ready for you to choose and we add your logo & text
  2. Your Own Style: is full custom where we create a design based off your ideas or, if you have no idea at all, we can come up with something fresh!

All design options includes us providing you a mock up for strike off. Feedback and revisions are included and your design is approved before we move onto your sample or bulk order.

Can I add my logo?

Yes! If you have a business, we highly recommend adding your business logo to your adventure shirts to promote your business (not to mention you can claim it on tax for business marketing!).

We’ll just need a High Quality file for high end print. Feel free to send everything you have so we can check for you.

Don’t have a logo and want one? We can help you create a professional business logo with our logo design services!

What’s your minimum quantity order?

Due to changes by our suppliers, we’ve recently had to update our minimum order to 25 shirts.

We understand that some businesses look for lower quantity orders. To help create more opportunity for growth, here are some tips our clients use to help make up 25 shirts:

  • Mixing styles of long sleeve, short sleeve and singlets gives more use and promotes your business even more
  • Asking friends and family to purchase a shirt to support you and your business helps make the minimum order
  • Gifting shirts to customers to say Thank You leaves them on a happy note and strengthens positive relationships, create referrals and increases sales
  • Running prizes / giveaways with customers and supporters builds connection and awareness of your business
Are these shirts just for Tradies?

Nope! We work with many other businesses in other industries who also love their own custom adventures shirts including your all-round outdoor lover, sport clubs, campers, tourism, fishermen and many more!