Specialising in Graphic Design for Tradies

We’re a no-frills, full-scale design agency that helps trade businesses reach new highs in the Far North Queensland region. Specialising in graphic design, website development and top-notch branding, we’re here to help you take your trade business to the top.

Specialising in tradies – from plumbers, to sparky’s and labourers – we love working in the trade business industry. We see how hard your work, and we want to match it. Say goodbye to the hard yakka of all the behind–the-scenes legwork, and let us give you a leg up. We’ll make your trade business stick, so you can stick to what you do best.

Meet The Team

Meet Beck

Co-Founder and lead professional designer of The Savvy Squad.

Meet Anne

Administration whiz assisting in finances, custom support & general enquiries.

Wondering when we got so Savvy?

In 2017, Beck’s world was rocked by the loss of her long-term partner and best friend Shane. At the time, the pair ran a successful Cape York Touring business called Cockatours, and when Beck sold the business, she kept hearing Shane’s voice repeat in her mind.

Shane always encouraged Beck to chase her love for graphic design and website design, and to be proud, confident and bold about her talents. With nothing to lose, she jumped into freelancing and launched Savvy Little Freelancer (now known as The Savvy Squad) in 2018.

Her first project was her Follow The Sun fishing shirt, dedicated with love to Shane. As Beck’s business and talents have grown over the years, she continues to be guided by Shane’s spirit. She is proud to bring happiness, confidence and passion to the digital table to help Far North Queensland’s beloved trade businesses.